Under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, you must notify your employer about your injury within 45 days after the injury occurs. Of course, for many injuries your employer will have notice because of the ambulance or emergency personnel at the job site. It is always best to advise your employer in writing as you do not want to give your employer’s insurance company a reason to deny your claim because of lack of notice.

Of course, you should never wait to report your injury. You should advise your employer as soon as possible. If your case is denied because of “lack of notice,” contact us immediately. We may be able to prosecute your case.

If you have a repetitive injury, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act says you must give notice within 45 days from the date you should have known of the injury and that the injury was caused by your job. Of course, with some injuries, it may be difficult to determine if it is caused by work. In such a case—go to the doctor. Tell your doctor your symptoms and your job duties. Make sure your doctor has all the facts to make an informed decision as to the cause of your injury. When in doubt, tell your doctor that you believe the injury is “work related.”

If you believe you may have missed the notice deadline—do not give up. Give us a call. We may still be able to help you obtain Workers’ Compensation benefits. We are Workers’ Compensation Attorneys for the entire state of Illinois, including Cook County, Lake County, Will County, Kane County, and DuPage County.

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