Walgreens and CVS temporarily close some stores due to covid

Due to the increase in Covid-19, two of the pharmacies in the United States are temporarily closed due to lack of staff.
Like nothing seen before, were the words of Walgreens and other industries, as the rise of the omicron variant puts significant strain on business in the short term.
"While the vast majority of our stores are open and operating normal hours, ongoing labor shortages combined with rising COVID-19 cases have led to isolated instances where we have had to adjust hours of operation or temporarily close a limited number of stores," said Kris Lathan, a Walgreens spokeswoman.
"A small fraction of stores are temporarily closed on one or both days of the weekend to help address acute staffing issues amid the surge in omicron and labor shortages affecting nearly every industry and companies," said Mike DeAngelis, Executive Director of Corporate Communications at CVS.

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