Workers’ compensation can be a difficult process to navigate, and no one, especially not your employer or their insurance provider, tries to make it easy for you. There are so many forms to fill out, how do you even know where to start? Here’s a quick guide to understanding Illinois workers’ compensation forms.

Which forms do I need to complete?

You should report your injury as soon as possible, including how you were injured, where and when the incident occurred, and what are the symptoms or effects of your injury. Your employer will likely have an accident report form that you’ll need to complete. While each employer’s form will differ, they will generally ask you to describe the circumstances of the accident, as well as your injuries. Be as detailed and accurate as possible.

Then you should seek medical treatment. In Illinois, you have the right to choose your healthcare provider, unless your employer has a preferred provider program, in which case you have to see a doctor in that program. If that’s the case, be sure to get a second opinion from a doctor you trust who isn’t in the company’s pocket. Either way, the examining physician will create medical documentation about your visit and your injury, which will be reviewed by the company’s workers’ comp insurer.

Which forms does my employer need to complete?

For any accident involving more than three lost days of work, an employer or their insurer must send to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission one of these forms:

  • IC45 Employer’s First Report of Injury
  • IA-1 IAIABC W.C. First Report of Injury

The forms must be sent within one month for nonfatal cases, two days for fatal cases.

The employer must also make an accident report to OSHA, using either of the two forms listed above or OSHA Form 301.

If a permanent disability is incurred, the employer or insurer should make a supplementary report using one of these forms and submit it to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission:

  • IC85 Employer’s Supplementary Report of Injury
  • IA-2 IAIABC W.C. Subsequent Report

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