State government seeks to curb opioid overdose in Illinois

Opioid overdose deaths in Chicago increased by 52% compared to 2019, prompting Governor J.B. Pritzker last Friday signed an executive order which is intended to combat the crisis in the state.
The first official meeting is expected in September, and the allocated funds will begin in October, as reported by the opioid liquidation office at a press conference.
Said executive order establishes to work on the recommendations regarding the expenditure of funds for opioid assistance as the liquidation of these to the Illinois Opioid Steering Committee.
The amount assigned for the aid is 26 billion dollars which will reach the state through a national agreement.
Over 18 years, the state will receive $760 million, which will begin at the beginning of the year, as announced by Governor Pritzker and Attorney General Kwame Raoul.
One of the main causes of the 10-year gap in life expectancy between African-American and white inhabitants of the city of Chicago was opened during the pandemic, this was revealed by the Chicago Department of Public Health.

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