Workers Compensation

Compensación de Trabajo



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Slip and Fall
Brain injuries


Roofing Injuries
loss of vision
Accidental Deaths


Knee and shoulder injuries
Machinery Accidents
Electrical Accidents





What is Workers Comp?

The Labor Compensation System was established in order to guarantee medical care to workers involved in accidents not caused by them. Previously, you were required to file a legal claim for injuries suffered on the job against employers (usually a negligence tort). These lawsuits caused numerous problems for workers and could leave employers with great costs.



The Worker’s Compensation Bargain Settlement allows injured workers to receive medical care, time-loss pay, and also places limits on the costs employers incur.



Accidents at work happen more frequently than people imagine. The survey taken by the U.S. Bureau of Statistics for the Department of Labor indicates that in 2002, there were more than 4.7 million reports of minor injury claims.
Breaking down, for every 100 workers with full work, 5.3 cases were reported.



Some of the most common injuries on the market include:
Overexertion, slip and falls, bodily reactions, catching on an object, and injuries resulting from accidents involving machinery.
If you have suffered from any of these accidents at work, you have the right to compensation.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers’ compensation could receive medical care, income replacement and other costs associated with the accident market. In Illinois there are six kinds of Workers’ Compensation benefits available:

Medical Expense Benefit
Total or Temporary Disability (TTD)
Temporary Partial Disability (TPD)
Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)
Total Permanent Disability (PTD)
Death Benefits

Filing Workers’ Compensation Claims

Filing a Workers’ Compensation claim can be a very complicated and lengthy process. There are several steps in the Workers’ Compensation process and it requires the necessary knowledge and skills to carry it out and ensure that you get the benefits you deserve. Don’t risk going through this process yourself.