Pilot test by the National Electoral Institute in the consulates of Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles, as well as in Montreal, Canada, next year for presidential votes.

A pilot test will be implemented by the National Electoral Institute of Mexico by 2023 in three Mexican consulates in the United States and a consular headquarters in Canada, where Mexicans from Coahuila and the State of Mexico will be able to vote in state elections, which would be a step for the migrant to cast his presidential vote and be real in the presidential elections for 2024.

The consulates where this presidential voting pilot test will take place next year will take place in Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles, as well as Montreal, Canada.

Claudia Zavala Pérez, counselor of the INE, commented: “This is the first time that the face-to-face voting modality is going to be implemented, this is due to a sentence that we are complying with from the Electoral Tribunal where it ordered us to first carry out the pilot exercise to see what needs do we have, what are we going to do in this 2023 process with the state of Mexico and Coahuila, so that we can implement this voting modality in the 2024 elections for president, senators and all positions in various states of the republic that they are going to have elections”.

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