Omicron’s devastating blow

As supermarkets scramble to replenish necessities, their shelves will be empty of milk, bread, meat, canned goods and cleaning products.
Stores such as Trader Joe's, Giant Foods and Publix, among others, were posted by frustrated shoppers pointing to empty shelves in recent days.
Many setbacks have arisen due to problems with the supply chain.
Transportation and logistics is affecting the delivery of products and supplying the country's shelves due to the highly contagious variant of omicron.
Viven Sankaran, CEO of Albertsons, commented. "I think as a company, we've all learned how to manage it. We've all learned how to make sure stores remain very presentable, and give consumers as many choices as we can." Adding omicron has made "a bit of a dent" in efforts to improve supply chain deficiencies. "We expect there will be more supply problems in the next four to six weeks."

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