Police Are Forcing Me to Talk—What Can I Do?

The intimidation and pressure of facing down a police officer can make you feel forced to tell your story when accused of a crime. The police are doing their job, but you have rights, and everything you say to the police can be used in court. Many times, the only...

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The “Crumb Rubber” Controversy

In the last few years, the controversy regarding the potentially hazardous material known as “crumb rubber” has become increasingly heated. Crumb rubber is most commonly used as the base material for turf fields, which serve as a popular alternative to traditional...

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Medical Malpractice: Birth Injuries

When Homecoming Wasn’t Happy Your long awaited baby was just born. But you came home without her, because there were birth injuries during the delivery. Not only are you and your family dealing with the grief that she’s injured, you’re anxious about how you will care...

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