Neck injuries can be caused by trauma, such as a car or truck accident, fall or work injury, sporting injury, or from infection, medical malpractice.

The Chicago injury and workers’ compensation lawyers at The Epstein Law Firm urge anyone suffering from a back or neck injury to seek legal advice. While some injuries prove to be minor, a significant number of back and neck injuries get worse over time and can lead to costly surgery, a significant amount of pain and discomfort and even long-term disability.

Spinal cord injuries

Because of its wide range of motion, support of the head, and position away from the rest of the spine, the neck is vulnerable to traumatic injury.

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, soft-tissue injuries are the most common cause of neck injuries, including damage to muscles, nerves and ligaments.

A rear-end car accident can cause hyperextension (a backward movement of the neck beyond normal limits) or hyperflexion (a forward movement beyond normal limits).

Severe neck injuries can involve the vertebrae or a disk, and can lead to a spinal cord injury, including paralysis.

Signs of a serious neck injury can include severe and persistent neck pain, pain that radiates up and down the arms or legs and headaches, tingling, weakness or numbness.

Cervical fractures

Cervical fractures involve the seven bones in the neck that make up the cervical vertebrae, which supports the head and connects to the shoulders and body.

Often called a “broken neck,” such injuries can lead to a spinal cord injury. Spinal cord injuries in this region are the most serious and often result in quadriplegia, serious respiratory issues and central nervous system disorders.

The cervical vertebrae is the most serious type of spinal cord injury and can lead to permanent paralysis and death. Anyone who has suffered a cervical fracture should contact a Chicago neck injury lawyer right away.

The Chicago injury lawyers and the personal injury and wrongful death attorneys at The Epstein Law Firm recognize the seriousness of such an injury and the need for high-quality legal representation. Our Chicago neck injury attorneys will arrange to meet you for a confidential appointment in your hospital room to discuss your rights.

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