National Strike in Colombia: July 20

As reported by the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores, during the celebration of Independence Day in Colombia, the protests continue to have started on April 28, summoned in several cities with massive and peaceful mobilizations.

As a preventive measure, the authorities moved the police and the military in case of vandalism, violence, etc.

In the new legislature of the Congress of Colombia, several bills will be presented which will be filed according to the CUT on July 20.

For many years, the National Unemployment Committee has been demanding several projects from the Congress of the Republic, such as:
Basic income of a minimum wage (about US $ 250) for 10 million people for seven months.
Zero tuition for young people in public universities from the national budget.

Payment of wages to workers in small and medium-sized companies through support for formal employment.

Repeal of Decree 1174 which, according to the labor unions, "is a labor and pension reform" through the back door.

Accept the recommendations of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights that it made in terms of regulating and respecting social protest, that the Police be reformed, dismantling the Esmad (Anti-Riot Squad), not militarizing the cities.

Other issues of the emergency sheet that had been presented in 2020 such as: basic health, universal income, zero enrollment, payroll subsidies, defense of national production, non-discrimination due to sexual or gender violence, said the workers' centrals.

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