Laws protecting survivors of sexual assault in Illinois are signed by Governor J.B. Pritzker

Two new laws protecting sexual assault survivors were signed by Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker this Thursday.
One of them contained legal vices which made it very difficult to prosecute the aggressors by blaming the victims of sexual assault. And the second law doubles the time for victims of sexual assault to receive help and medical attention from 90 to 180 days, this can be used without the need to use health insurance when the abuser is the policy holder.
A clear example of this is when a young woman has been dating a boy for some time, and has been raped by him, being a victim for being drunk and the boy took advantage of the condition to sexually assault without consent. The victim reports the assault and three months later is notified that the case does not qualify as rape under Illinois law.
So, in this kind of loophole, it shouldn't go on why the Governor of Illinois signed these new laws.
J.B. Pritzker said that they could not have a justice system that traumatizes people as this has been a reality for a long time. Therefore, it is expected that with these new laws the percentage of sexual complaints will increase since very few victims do so due to these failures.

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