«Kill without warning» to quell violent protests, President of Kazakhstan

Killing without warning, were the orders of President Kassym-Jamart Tokayev of Kazakhstan. This with the purpose of stopping the violent protests that paralyze the Soviet republic.

Terrorist bandits trained inside and outside the country have been creating riots since the beginning of the week due to the increase in the price of fuel.

The introduction of the state of emergency is giving results, these were Tokayev's words since the situation was stabilized. "But terrorists continue to damage state and private property and use weapons against citizens," he said. "I gave the order to the forces of order and the army to open fire to kill without warning."
Terrorist attacks and specialists trained in ideological sabotage, skillfully using disinformation or falsehoods and capable of manipulating people's moods, were some of the words he said in his speech trying to undermine the narrative, and that the demonstrations produced popular unrest, turning even more destructive and deadly.

Tokayev said: "His actions showed the presence of a clear plan of attacks on military, administrative and social facilities in almost all areas, coherent coordination of actions, high combat readiness and brutal cruelty." "They need to be destroyed."

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