One of the worst tricks that an insurance company can perpetrate on an injured person is to advise not to seek legal representation. The adjuster will say that “you don’t need a lawyer” and “the lawyer will just take part of your money” and “we will take care of you.” You must ask yourself, why would the insurance company’s adjuster tell me that?

The answer is actually very simple, injured parties are going to discover all of their legal rights and THE INSURANCE COMPANY IS GOING TO HAVE TO PAY MORE MONEY.

Almost all insurance companies are publicly traded companies that exist for the benefit of their shareholders. They do not exist to pay claims, they exist to save money by denying claims or limiting benefits. In 2009, the combined profits by the seven largest liability carriers in the United States were in the billions of dollars. These companies do not make all this money by accepting claims and paying benefits. The insurance company adjuster and the team of lawyers and investigators hired by the insurance company have one job—to minimize claims any way possible. They know the facts, they know the law, they know the value of a case and they have all of the claim history of the injured worker. They also know one important fact—that a good attorney will make far more for the injured worker than that worker will pay out in attorney’s fees—THUS COSTING THE INSURANCE COMPANY FAR MORE MONEY. If the injured party hires an attorney, that means they have already lost control the injured party will have equal information and power by having someone who knows how the insurance and accident system works

Because of this basic fact, the insurance companies will spend millions of dollars every year training their adjusters and claim handlers and investigators in the art of persuasion and negotiation. They will teach the claim workers to seem reasonable when speaking to the injured person. They will teach their employees to convince the injured person to think quickly of a dollar settlement or will tell them that an attorney will not help in the case. The injured worker begins to think that the adjuster is a friend and only trying to help.

This is a trick—to negotiate with a claims representative without a lawyer is like going to a high stakes poker game in Vegas without understanding the rules and odds—you will always lose money and lose big.

What is the secret? The secret is simple, hire an attorney. You may be thinking that we are giving this advice because we want to make money. Although it is true we want you to use our firm – you should not ignore the fact that your claim is worth more with an attorney and a good attorney will make far more for you than will be paid out in fees and you receive the benefit of the attorney helping you through the process of recuperation and dealing with medical and work issues. Hiring an attorney is an important decision. If you would like to talk about your case, call us at 773-522-7000 or email Attorney Jack Epstein at jack@jackepstein.com.

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