Gas crisis in Germany as Russia cuts supply to Europe

A crisis plan is being stepped up as Europe’s largest economy is officially out of natural gas. Meanwhile, Russia turns off the taps.

Therefore, Germany activated its second phase emergency program which rations industry supplies, which would be a major blow to the manufacturing heart of the economy.

Economics minister Robert Habeck said that gas is scarce in Germany from now on, which makes them in a gas crisis even if it is not noticeable.

Once Russia further reduced supply to Germany, Italy and other members of the European Union, the energy crisis deepened.

On Thursday, the bloc’s climate policy chief Frans Timmermans said that twelve European Union countries are being affected due to cuts in Russian gas supplies.

Timmermans added that «Russia has weaponized energy, and in recent days we have seen new gas cuts announced. This is all part of Russia’s strategy to undermine our unity.»

Underlining that the risk of total gas interruption, now more than ever, is real.

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