Elections in México.

This June 6, Mexico will be able to elect its public officials from among the 10 political parties that exist. Among them are two coalitions seeking the majority of their votes, one of which is currently led by the Morena party.
The Citizen Movement, an opposition party, does not seek to make alliances in order to seek to be a third option.
The Chamber of Deputies is governed by 500 members at the federal level, of which 300 deputies are elected by the principle of relative majority and 200 by the principle of proportional representation. 15 governorships and 1,063 councils are elected at the local level.

The municipalities elect 1,923 presidential, 2,057 receiverships, 14,22 regidurías and 204 councilors.

There are also auxiliary positions of municipal boards that are the competence of local public bodies which are made up of 22 presidencies, 22 receiverships, 88 regidurías and 299 with presidencies.

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