Eight lions from India, infected with Covid-19.

Following a series of Covid-19 outbreaks, India temporarily closed all tiger reserves for tourists.

On Monday, an order was issued after the death of a lioness with a positive result for Covid-19 by the National Authority for the Conservation of the Tiger.

The order said "The most recent case of a zoo animal infected by covid-19 indicates once again the high probability of transmission of the disease from affected humans to captive wild animals", therefore "A similar transmission can also occur in tiger reserves.
This order sent the notice that this would prevent tigers and other wild animals from becoming infected, therefore all tiger reserves must close to tourists until further notice.

Given that tigers are in danger of extinction, the World Wildlife Fund and thousands of them live in reserves in India, this was the measure for their conservation and expansion of forest cover.

In a statement, they reported that the outbreak was in the Arignar Anna Zoo, located in the city of Chennai.

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