Democrats’ sweeping health and climate bill passes the US Senate.

An important victory for the president of the United States, Joe Biden and his party, was the vote by the Senate this Sunday which approved a broad Democratic bill on climate and health, which was received by the House of Representatives.
The legislation would reduce the deficit, pay for it with new taxes -- including a 15% minimum tax on large companies and a 1% tax on share buybacks -- and increase the collection capacity of the Internal Revenue Service.
The Reducing Inflation Act represents the largest climate investment in the US in its history, which includes major changes in health policy. Which grants for the first time the power to negotiate prices of some prescription drugs and extend the subsidies that are about to expire for three years of Medicare.
Over 10 years, more than $700 billion in public revenue would be collected, of which $430 billion would go toward reducing carbon emissions, as well as extending the Affordable Care Act's health insurance subsidies.
The rest of the new income would be used to reduce the deficit.

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