Debate in Chicago schools on the use of face masks

Chicago schools debate about the mandatory use of face masks for both students and staff during the fall semester, this, considering the recommendations made by the American Academy of Pediatrics, during classes.

 Therefore, the Illinois districts are implementing health and safety policies for the return of students in person during their learning.

In west Geneva, during a school meeting, some parents commented that they did not agree on the use of masks within the school, so they opposed this requirement. They are opposed because they believe that students will not be able to communicate with their friends losing social signals, as well as lack of concentration in their study due to not being able to breathe properly.

Due to the update of the guidelines by the AAP, which recommends the permanent use of face masks during their stay at school for all people over two years of age, the debate intensified.

Some schools in Barrington and McHenry Districts wearing a mask is optional.

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