Crucial talks in Geneva on the Ukraine border crisis

A spokesman for the State Department reported that critical talks about the troop buildup on the Ukraine border, between representatives of the United States and Russia, concluded around 4:30 a.m.
This Monday in Geneva, Switzerland, the Strategic Stability Dialogue talks began. "The United States is committed to the principle of 'nothing about you, without you' when it comes to the security of our European allies and partners, including Ukraine," the spokesman said. "We are committed at all levels to our allies and partners, and we will continue to be in the days and weeks to come."
Jon Finer, deputy national security adviser, said he did not see a situation in which the United States backs away from talks with Russia, even as Kremlin officials take positions while discussions are taking place in the week that are not considered essential by U.S.
Finer also said: "Russia raised positions that are not fundamental and has said other things that we believe may present some areas in which we can work to progress, and that we will find out in the course of this week."

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