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Student Internship

The Epstein Law Firm values and supports our Little Village community. That’s why we hire the best and brightest—highly qualified individuals who share the Spanish-speaking heritage of many of our clients.

To encourage talented students to gain fantastic job experience and have an important impact on our community, we offer Legal Assistant internships to high school juniors attending Little Village’s World Language High School. This partnership allows us to give back to local youth and our neighborhood, but also helps us continue to provide the best service to our clients with a growing staff of intelligent, energetic, and forward-thinking individuals putting forth their best efforts in representing and advising injured workers in catastrophic industrial and construction accidents and the accused in criminal cases filed by the State of Illinois.

Today’s interns are tomorrow’s professional staff in a variety of fields and industries. We’re delighted to offer the opportunity for Little Village students to explore and excel in the fast-paced legal world of our Chicago-based law firm.


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