Chicago Increases Vaccinatiion Efforts.

Chicago is focusing on reinforcing and intensifying the vaccination of residents with the highest incidence of being infected with Covid-19, since they are close to a total reopening this next June 11. People who have not been vaccinated voluntarily are being offered incentives in order to convince them to get vaccinated.

In Chicago's south and west areas, survey teams visited residents door-to-door over the weekend to vaccinate them. Visiting 13 neighborhoods in the South and West areas are the communities because these have been the communities with the lowest vaccination rates in Chicago.

 Door-to-door approximately 600 Vaccine Ambassadors worked to explain the benefits and guide them in signing up for vaccinated appointments.

Currently, 51% of older adults in Illinois are vaccinated against Covid-19, and with these visits and incentives it is expected that the percentage of vaccination will increase very soon due to the incentives offered.

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