Chicago councilors want proof of covid-19 vaccination to be requested in closed public spaces

Due to the approaching winter weather in Chicago, eight city councilors are asking Dr. Allison Arwady to demand proof of vaccination to be able to be indoors.
Restaurants, bars, theaters, gyms, are some of the closed spaces that the members of the Municipal Council of the city require residents to show proof of vaccination, in order to enter them, this due to the spread of the new delta variant.

The councilors wrote in their petition letter: "In the interest of public health, the city of New York, San Francisco, New Orleans and Puerto Rico have begun to require proof of vaccination for people who visit closed public settings" "We believe it is Time for Chicago to do the same. "
The Delta variant is more contagious which threatens the colder weather to come and therefore people occupy places and spaces indoors.

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