Chicago, 1st among the most infested cities in the United States of bed bugs

Again, Chicago is ranked 1st for the second year in a row in being the city with the most bed bugs this 2022 in the United States.
According to data, Orkin was the place where more treatments were carried out against bed bugs both in residences and in shops.
The order of the most important cities with the most bed bugs are: Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Detroit, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Washington DC, Cleveland, OH, Colon, OH and Cincinnati.
Due to the pandemic, we cannot forget that the staff associated with the hospitality industry is scarce, which is why according to a pest control says that bed bugs continue to be a great threat to travelers so it is possible that the infection of bed bugs it is not checked as often as desired, which is why diligent examination is key.
Therefore, Orkin counselors make recommendations to homeowners and passengers to check their home for signs of bed bugs, mattresses, headboards, picture frames, etc.

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