Cause of building collapse in South Austin and Chicago still under investigation

The collapse of the building on Tuesday morning, south of Austin in Chicago in which at least eight people were injured, rescue teams are expected to return today Wednesday to clean up the debris.This because of an explosion around 9 a.m. very close to West End and Central avenues.
The cause of said explosion is still under investigation, of the eight people injured, three are in critical serious condition, both with burns and traumatic injuries.
Other people have also been taken to hospital with visible injuries, as well as others have been discharged.
Dr. Joshua Carson, medical director of the burn center at Loyola University Medical Center, said, "A big burn to the body can take months and months of treatment, not to mention recovery after that," "So It really can be anything."
He added that burns on the body could complicate how to treat other types of trauma.
"These building collapses, explosions, it's just that the burns are overwhelming, and everybody sees the burn when the patient comes in, and what you really have to do is make sure your team knows not to get distracted and not forget about the other guy." . of trauma they can't see.
The explosion hit the top floor of the building which was felt several blocks away, causing damage such as shattering windows and covering cars with bricks and glass.

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