Inequality of nations

Inequality between nations should focus on the next G20 according to the words said by Pope Francis. Pope Francis commented that · «At the G20 summit in Rome it must be seriously considered between the

Alec Baldwin opens investigation

The actor Alec Balwin, protagonist and producer of a western, is under investigation for the murder of the director of photography during the shooting of the film, with a prop gun fired by him. Santa

New variants of COVID-19

Can new variants of the coronavirus continue to appear? New variants of the coronavirus could appear, as long as people continue to be infected, which does not mean that they will be so dangerous or

Hospital employees are laid off in Aurora

With exceptions for medical or religious reasons, the directors of Advocate Aurora Health fired more than 400 workers for not complying with the COVID-19 vaccination mandate. The health system has more than 75,000 people working

California in emergency situation due to drought

Authorities in California announce a drought emergency after the driest year in nearly 100 years. California Governor Gavin Newsom declares a statewide drought emergency and expands it to eight counties. In the statement he said,

Best Universities in America

The United States Department of Education makes a classification based on an analysis of academic, financial and student life data, it says that two universities in the city of Chicago are ranked within the best


Always present in the game, cryptocurrencies go up, down. This financial tool is growing again in the week which could increase your exposure. During this month, the cryptocurrency has grown more than 40%, trading above

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