Chicago teachers are on high alert

As the omicron variant of Covid-19 is spreading in the Midwest, Chicago public school teachers are still concerned about 12-year-old students vaccinated. The United States has currently confirmed in 16 states, omicron as the highly

Conflict between Ukraine and Russia

With accumulating reports of Russian troops too close to the border fueling fears about Moscow’s intentions, tensions between Ukraine and Russia are at their highest in years. Before a planned military invasion, Ukraine alerts that


The Emergency Rental Assistance program (ERAP) in Chicago opens its assistance starting on December 6 for families affected by the pandemic, this regardless of their immigration status. Both landlords and tenants should apply for the

New travel rules for the United States

Due to the omicron variant, the United States renews requirements for entry to travelers. At the end of November, with the discovery of the omicron variant, the dominoes began to fall very fast when the

University of Chicago

The DePaul University of Chicago has decided that the classes will be remote the first two weeks of the winter term, this in order to take precaution in the spread of the OMICRON variant, which

50 immigrants from Cyprus to the Vatican

In a statement, this Friday the Cyprus Ministry of the Interior announced that Pope Francis will relocate 50 immigrants from Cyprus to the Vatican. Therefore, the Ministry of the Interior expresses its most sincere gratitude

Minimum salary

According to the ILO International Labor Organization, the minimum wage could be understood as a minimum amount which must be paid to a worker for the work activities carried out and their performance for a

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