Biden in Chicago, visit to the Kankakee farm

Chicago was visited by President Joe Biden and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack this Wednesday, the Kankakee family farm is their first stop in order to analyze the impact caused by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in terms of food supply and prices. both at home and abroad and to create a way to reduce costs.
He just visited that farm in the middle of the planting season, as well as the time when the priority is inflation, so he heard the farmers offering help.
Jeff O'Connor, gave Biden a tour of his farm, "We always know there are going to be challenges ahead, so having him here was just a way to remind us of what we're facing right now, and how that fits and plays into the world stage," he said.
Assistance in the use of technology in order to improve its production, the expansion of access to double crop insurance and the increase in investments in the national production of fertilizers, are some of the offers that Biden made in his administration.
Biden commented on having the most efficient farmers in the world, as well as having to invest in them to reduce costs and prices for consumers.
Many people have in mind the inflation in supermarkets.
Kankakee resident Bernard Ryan commented that average people who visit grocery stores and see food prices think and tell themselves they have to be rich to shop at Walmart, for example.

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