Accidents on our nation’s roadways are a serious threat to the traveling public and are the leading cause of death for those under the age of thirty-four. Annually, over 40,000 people are killed in approximately five million motor vehicle accidents. That equates to almost 115 fatalities per day. The economic costs of these accidents is staggering, over 150 billion dollars per year. Unfortunately, during your lifetime you are likely to be involved in at least one auto accident. You should know what to do in order to protect yourself and your legal rights.

Generally speaking, auto accidents are handled through each party’s insurance party and things are settled quickly yet in some cases, auto accidents resulting in personal injury or extensive property loss lead to lawsuits. Damages sought after auto accidents can include cost of medical treatment, loss of property, and loss of wages. If you have been in any auto accident and need legal advice or assistance, it is best to always contact an attorney familiar with auto accident laws.

One of the most frequent types of work injury or death involves automobile or trucking accidents. In automobile litigation, Illinois requires residents to carry minimum vehicle liability insurance for their vehicles. If you are involved in an accident whether or not while working, it is best to first speak to an attorney before talking to the other parties’ insurance companies.

Automobile and trucking accidents often may require sophisticated investigation, expert evaluation and extensive pre-trial preparation. Cases involving road design defects, improper construction, faulty lane configuration and similar theories of liability are frequently examined and handled by our firm. We at the Epstein Law Firm can handle your case and we will ensure you receive the highest compensation permitted under Illinois law. If you have just been injured by a driver of a car or truck or injured while driving a car or truck while working, you should call us immediately so that we may quickly get to work in securing the necessary information and providing you some stability and peace of mind during your time of recovery.

Persons who work on an assembly line can share some of the same risks of injury as a person operating heavy machinery. In many of these cases, those operating heavy machinery or working on an assembly line, regardless of the type of equipment, are placed at higher risk for great bodily injury often times either because of the company’s defective machinery, because of faulty manufacture or poor maintenance. In any work accident involving a machine or equipment, then you need to contact us today.

Employees injured while working in a factory or with a machine not only enjoy the protection of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, but also may be protected by product liability laws. The manufacturer of an unsafe or dangerous machine may be liable for damages to the injured worker. The Epstein Law Firm handles product liability cases involving numerous types of products. When injured on a machine, the worker should always write down the make and model number of the device. The worker also should attempt to investigate who maintains the device and when the company purchased the device.

In addition, the worker should try to take several photographs of the device, even if taken with a cellular telephone, may aid in the prosecution of the case and be used later as evidence. It is of extreme importance that the injured workers, or a family member, contact an attorney. In that way, the attorney can immediately obtain a court order to have the machine impounded, and then to allow the attorney’s investigators an opportunity to inspect the machine itself. We at the Epstein Law Firm will see to it that every step is taken to insure that you will be compensated for your injuries. Never hesitate to contact us for further information.

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