Amputation or dismemberment means the loss of a limb or body part, a finger, a hand, an arm, a toe, a foot, or a leg. Amputations are horrible injuries. They can occur in product liability (defective product) cases where a machine has fast moving, sharp and/or heavy parts. Sometimes a guard or safety device is missing, or the machine is unsafe as designed.

According to the National Limb Loss Information Center, as of year 2007 there were approximately 1.7 million people with limb loss living in the United States (excluding fingers and toes). There are more than 185,000 new amputations performed each year in this country.

Car, bus or truck accident cases can also lead to amputation, especially where something heavy slices or presses into the accident victim.

A serious burn injury can destroy blood vessels and cause tissue death. In some cases, if an amputation is not performed, infection can spread, gangrene can set in, and death may result. Two-thirds of amputations are to the upper part of the body (arms and hands) versus one-third to the lower part of the body (legs and feet).

Amputation injuries are all too common in construction site accidents. Loss of a limb can happen when workers operate unsafe machinery. Dismemberment or amputation can be caused by the following equipment:

  • Conveyor belts;
  • Drill presses;
  • Food slicers;
  • Guillotine shears;
  • Meat grinders;
  • Mechanical power presses;
  • Metal-forming machines;
  • Milling machines; and,
  • Printing presses.

Children are especially prone to losing a piece of a finger in slamming doors, both in school and at home, and by slamming car doors. Home appliances can cause amputation of a child’s finger, in a washing machine, dishwasher or dryer door. Paper shredders pose a particularly nasty danger of amputation injury. If you have young children around, unplug your paper shredder when it’s not in use!

Amputation usually leads to permanent disability. There can be the need for several surgeries and the fitting or prosthetic limbs, as well as psychological and emotional trauma. Rehabilitation and medical care costs can be high.

In addition to Worker’s Compensation or No-Fault insurance benefits, the amputation accident victim or construction worker may be entitled to receive Social Security Disability benefits. An experienced Chicago Illinois amputation injury lawyer can best point the way.

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