After protests in Cuba, some restrictions on the importation of food and medicine are lifted

Customs restrictions, limiting the importation of food and medicine, will be lifted for a time, as Cuba announced on Wednesday after demands for protests with the economic crisis in the country.

Manuel Marrero, Cuban Prime Minister, said that as of Monday the importation of food, medicine and cleaning products will begin.

Marrero commented "Exceptionally and temporarily authorize the importation via passenger with accompanying luggage, food, hygiene and medicines without import value limit and free of payment of tariffs."
Among the spread of the Covid, thousands of Cubans came out to demonstrate last weekend due to the shortage.

According to the authorities, these protests were provoked by a campaign on social networks with the label SOS Cuba, in which they called for humanitarian intervention, which was promoted by counterrevolutionaries in order to destabilize the country.

A crisis caused by US-funded Washington sanctions is the reason the government claims to be rigged.

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