When you’re entering into a legal case, it can be hard to decide if you need an attorney or not. There are a variety of types of cases where it might not seem immediately obvious that you do require legal help, and sometimes it’s just hard to imagine paying for the legal fees. However, there are a ton of reasons why, when you’re charged with a crime, or you’re entering into a civil dispute, that it’s well worth your while to hire an experienced attorney who’s familiar with that type of case and can offer a wealth of help and advice. If you’re not sure that getting an attorney is worth it, here are 9 reasons to hire an attorney that you should consider before you decide against it.

They Fully and Completely Understand the Law

While you’re certainly entitled to represent yourself in most any case in the United States, that doesn’t mean it’s always the best option. No matter if your case is your criminal or civil, it’s in your best interest to have someone at your side who fully understands the legal process and the tough legalese that goes along with any case.

They Understand How Evidence Works

In a lot of cases, especially tough ones like DUIs, a great attorney can get their client off charges simply by understanding proper evidence procedure. If there’s evidence that is unfairly being brought against you, they’ll know how to prove it’s irrelevant. Alternatively, an experienced attorney will be able to bring up evidence in your favor, which can expedite and help win your case.

Not Hiring an Attorney Can Cost You More

Civil cases decided against you can cost millions. Criminal cases you lose often mean serious jail time, as well as hefty fines. Attorneys exist to do everything they can to ensure you don’t have to pay those fines or serve any time. Even if an attorney can’t get your charges fully dropped, they may be able to reduce your sentence or time, which still saves you in the long run. What’s more, most civil attorneys don’t collect even a penny until after your case has been decided in your favor.

Attorneys Have a Firm Grasp on the Documentation and Timeline of Your Case

Every type of case, whether it’s a civil litigation like worker’s compensation or a criminal case like a DUI conviction, requires some documents and legal files. In order to ensure you get your fair trial, and you have the best chance of winning your case, you have to turn in every single one of these documents and files on time and filled out completely correctly. A single late or incorrect filing could have serious repercussions for your future, by having the case thrown out or delaying a particular legal process. An attorney will know what files and documents you need to turn in, they’ll have the deadlines memorized, and they’ll be able to make sure that everything is filled out properly. Though paperwork might seem like a minor concern, the right documents can have a major effect on your case, and an experienced attorney will be able to ensure you have them all in at the right time.

They Have Expert Witness and Private Detective Contacts

Chances are that you don’t know many psychologists or surgeons who often serve as expert witnesses. It’s also unlikely that you have a lot of private detective friends. That’s where an attorney comes in handy. They have an entire network of professional contacts who they can get to speak on your behalf, or who can work on discovering more evidence related to your case. Contacts like these can turn a case in your favor in no time.

They’ll Be Able to Lay Out Your Best Options

A good attorney knows that no two cases are exactly the same. Given the details of your case and the evidence brought against you, an attorney will be able to tell you what the possible repercussions are, and what your best next steps should be. It’s true that there are situations when it’s better to plead guilty than innocent, and an attorney will be able to help you make these difficult decisions by providing all of the information you need.

They Know How to Strike a Settlement or Plea Bargain

In the event that you could get out more easily by settling or making a plea bargain, an attorney will be able to negotiate the details for you and ensure you get the best possible outcome. There are situations where it makes sense to go all the way to trial, but in the event that the circumstances of your case make it a better option to plea or settle, your attorney can make sure you get a fair shake.

The Other Party Has Legal Representation

If the opposing party has legal representation, it’s simply not a good idea to represent yourself. An attorney is well versed in the legal system, will have a better grasp of the possible outcomes of the trial, and will use them to their advantage against you. If the other party has an attorney, you’ll certainly want to have one as well, if only to put you on a level playing field. It’s very difficult for a non-attorney to successfully present a case against a party with an attorney.

Free Initial Consultation

Finally, if none of the other reasons have convinced you it’s a good idea to hire an attorney, you should at least consider visiting one or two attorneys for a free initial consultation. Most reputable law firms offer these consultations to potential clients to them a better idea of where their case is at, and if they’ll be needing an attorney. Even if you don’t want to hire an attorney, it can’t hurt to at least sit down with one, for free, to see how they might handle your unique situation.

If you’re entering into a legal case, whether it’s a workers’ compensation litigation, or you’ve been charged with a DUI, it’s a good idea to see where your case stands and what the most likely outcome is. From there, you can decide if you think an attorney will be helpful or not. To schedule your free initial consultation with the expert attorneys at the Epstein Law Firm, give our office a call at 773-522-7000, or contact us online today.

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