Most of us have a pretty general idea of what workers’ compensation does; if there’s an accident at work and you get hurt, you receive workers’ compensation from your employer’s insurance company to pay for your medical treatment and recovery. But workers’ comp covers more than just freak accidents. If you sustain any of the following workplace injuries, you should see a workers’ comp lawyer.

Workplace Violence

If you’re injured in a workplace violence situation, such as an active shooter or physical altercation with another employee, you may be entitled to workers’ comp, since the incident happened in the workplace, and the employer has the responsibility to maintain a safe work environment for employees.

Repetitive Motion

Repetitive motion injuries are also covered by workers’ comp when sustained on the job, injuries like chronic back and shoulder pain from continual heavy lifting or even carpal tunnel caused by repetitive hand motions such as installing small parts or keyboard use.


Overexertion occurs when an employee attempts to do more than he or she is physically capable of and can safely do alone, such as lifting an extremely heavy object, working in excessive heat, or working for long periods of time without adequate rest. Not only is overexertion a problem in itself, but it can lead to accidents or other injuries.

Injuries outside the office while on the clock

If you’re injured on the clock, even if you’re not on company property, you might still be eligible for workers’ comp. For example, if you are traveling to see a client or are on a company errand and get into a car accident, workers’ comp applies.

Mental health conditions

If you’ve sustained a mental health condition from your experiences in the workplace, you should see a workers’ comp attorney. While all work involves some stress, if you experience extreme, undue stress because of an unhealthy work environment or suffer post-traumatic stress disorder after an accident or incidence of workplace violence, you may be eligible for compensation.

Incidents or accidents that may have been your fault

Workers’ comp is a no-fault system, meaning that even if the accident was partially or totally your fault, you can still receive compensation for your injuries through workers’ comp. Even if you partially caused the incident, if you hadn’t been at work, exposed to the conditions in which the accident occurred, it would not have happened.

Illness caused by exposure to hazards/toxins in the workplace

While you obviously deserve compensation for occupational illnesses that result from exposure to toxic chemicals which you are exposed to as a part of your job—such as hexavalent chrome (a known carcinogen) if you work in chrome plating—if you’re exposed to toxins in the workplace that aren’t part of the job—such as toxic mold in your factory or office building—you may be owed compensation for any illnesses caused by that exposure.

Hearing loss or damage

If you suffer from hearing damage or hearing loss caused by your work, you may want to speak with a workers’ comp lawyer, especially if the damage occurred and you weren’t provided with proper hearing protection, or if you used hearing protection and still suffered damage to your hearing.

If you get hurt because of work, even if it wasn’t caused by a specific incidence or what you would consider a typical “workplace accident,” you should still see a workers’ compensation lawyer to discuss your individual situation. It is possible that you can receive workers’ comp to help you treat or accommodate your workplace injury.

If you’ve been injured at work, you deserve just compensation. The Epstein Law Firm is Illinois’ first choice for workers’ comp cases. Give us a call today to discuss your situation.

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