50 Million Dollars to Clients

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The Epstein Law Firm has won millions of dollars for its clients and is not afraid to work on the largest case or the smallest injury. Jack Epstein works for justice for all of his clients. Below are a few representative recent victories that Jack Epstein and his firm have obtained for clients.

Epstein’s Firm and Associates win $6,000,000.00 for the family of a baby girl against a Chicago Hospital and treating doctors who failed to properly perform a delivery. The settlement, after years of litigation, was obtained by the Epstein Law Firm for the family. The case was originally rejected by several well-known Chicago attorneys who felt the case was too weak to litigate. Jack Epstein and his associates took on the big Chicago hospital and its doctors and worked for justice for the little girl and her family. The terms and parties of the settlement remain private as part of the settlement agreement.

Epstein and his associates win $4,000,000.00 verdict in Federal court. Attorney Jack R. Epstein and the Epstein Law Firm obtained the largest single-plaintiff verdict in a race discrimination case recorded at the time. The four million dollar verdict was awarded by a Federal Court jury after a two-week trial. The client, E. C., had visited more than 10 lawyers who rejected the case before finding Jack Epstein. The verdict included $100,000 for lost wages, $900,000 for emotional distress damages and $3,000,000 for punitive damages. Attorney Epstein or other members of his legal team were quoted or appeared in The Chicago Tribune, Fox News, CLTV Mews, Univision, and Telemundo because of this momentous legal victory. The company had initially offered to settle for one dollar. Jack Epstein argued the case before the federal jury, some of whom were in tears when the verdict was read.

Epstein and his associates obtained $1,500,000.00 for a worker from Illinois who fell off a scaffold in New York. The client, Mr. H. had seriously injured his back when he fell off a scaffold in a warehouse. The worker was working using a harness when he fell from a height of three stories. The harness broke and Mr. H was seriously injured spending one month in the hospital. Ms. H. was an undocumented worker and the company initially claimed that they did not owe any future earnings. The Epstein Law Firm fought back and obtained a court order forcing the company to include lost future earnings in the damage calculation. The company also attempted to shield itself behind several corporations. The Epstein Law Firm and it’s investigators found the proper defendant and made them pay. This victory was reported in several legal journals.

$750,000.00 to the family of an injured worker who was injured because of a poorly designed machine. The machine was designed without guards to protect the worker. The Epstein Law Firm’s investigators discovered the flaw and the manufacturer offered a quick settlement.

$750,000.00 (plus full payment of all outstanding medical bills (including medical bills related to a lumbar surgery that cost more than $100,000) to a union worker who injured his back moving material. This settlement was obtained under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act and was one of the largest settlements of its kind completed in 2010. Jack Epstein proved that the worker had suffered the injury while working (the company denied that the injury was suffered at work and hired several doctors to attempt to show the worker was lying). Jack Epstein fought the insurance company’s lawyers and adjusters and made them pay.

$480,000.00 to a worker who was injured while doing a construction estimate. The worker fell and the company denied an accident had occurred. The client went to see several doctors – one of whom indicated that the worker required back surgery. The worker also had seen several doctors who told the worker that he did not need surgery. Jack Epstein obtained a great settlement after proving that the doctor who had prescribed the surgery was the most credible. Jack Epstein and his associates also obtained the three years of past due benefits that went unpaid while the parties argued about the surgery and the worker’s ability to work.

$240,000.00 (plus full payment of all future medical expenses) to a factory worker who was injured by repetitively lifting small circuit boards for use in electronics. She did this for 14 years. This client’s claim was initially denied by the insurance company who claimed that it was impossible to suffer a back injury while lifting objects that weighed less than five pounds. Jack Epstein personally took on this matter and forced the insurance company to pay for this client’s injuries.

$150,000.00 (plus payment of more than $325,000.00 in medical bills) to a factory worker who injured her back while sitting in a chair. The company refused for four years to acknowledge the injury. Jack Epstein proved it was possible to injure your back while seated in a chair and forced the insurance company to pay. This settlement was just completed in January 2011.

Epstein and his associates win $200,000 for a woman who had her case rejected by three other attorneys: C. R. was in the work-sponsored cafeteria when she slipped on a piece of food that was negligently left on the floor by the cleaning staff. Ms. R. tore several ligaments in her knee and broke her kneecap. Jack Epstein and his associates obtained a settlement well in excess of $200,000.00 from her employer and the outside company that was responsible for maintaining the cafeteria.

Epstein and his associates win $350,000 for a union carpenter. The client, O. C. had seriously injured his arm lifting material. The company insisted that the worker had been injured at home rather than at work. The Epstein Law Firm obtained a settlement of $350,000.00, plus full payment of all medical bills from the employer.

Epstein and his associates triple the company’s offer made before trial. The client, Mr. M., seriously injured his back while lifting products at work. Evidence existed, however, that demonstrated Mr. M. also had sustained the injury while at home. Mr. M. underwent two surgeries to his lower back. Jack Epstein and his firm obtained a settlement from the companies after beginning a trial at the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. The company initially offered only $25,000 to settle the matter, but Jack Epstein and his firm presented evidence that supported that the injury was work-related, and the insurance company settled for just under $100,000.

$450,000.00 for a Chicago man who was negligently treated while in the hospital. The hospital set up an IV improperly, severely injuring the client. The Epstein Law Firm obtained a large settlement because of the gross negligence in this case.

$200,000.00 for a truck driver who was unable to return to his job after an over the road accident.

$275,000.00 for a UPS worker who was injured when she was run over by a delivery truck in the company parking lot.

$300,000.00 for the family of a worker who was killed in St. Louis, Missouri by a hit and run driver. The family searched for a lawyer for a year before they found the Epstein Law Firm. Jack Epstein and his firm proved that the worker was not given proper treatment when he was initially brought to the emergency room.

$50,000.00 for a worker who was sexually harassed by her supervisor. The worker was forced to weed the front of the factory as punishment when the worker had spurned a supervisor’s sexual advances.

$75,000.00 for a non-operated back injury. The injured laborer had injured his back lifting posts and declined surgery.

$100,000.00 for a family of a non-union roofer who fell off of a roof. The Epstein Law Firm took this case even though it had been rejected by three other attorneys. The difficult part about this case is that the fall was not witnessed and no one could explain how the worker fell as he was not on the clock at the time of the accident.

$83,000.00 for a non-operated back injury. A newspaper delivery man injured his back slipping on ice and snow. The company claimed that he was not an employee. The Epstein Law Firm successfully fought the company and obtained benefits for the worker.

$95,000.00 for an arm injury caused when negligently stacked pallets fell on a factory worker.

$60,000.00 for a hand injury for an illegal immigrant who, on a dare from a co-worker, stuck his hand into a moving machine.

$70,000.00 for a hand injury to an illegal immigrant who cut her hand in a machine.

$85,000.00 for a Union Carpenter who fell down a stairway while intoxicated and injured his head. The worker had been drinking vodka after work and fell down a stairway at a job site.

$68,000.00 for a kitchen worker who suffered an eye injury. Several lawyers had rejected the case before the Epstein Law Firm took on the restaurant, who claimed that they did not have insurance.

$200,000.00 for a machine operator who injured his arm and hand in a machine accident.

$73,000.00 for an auto mechanic who suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome.

$75,000.00 for a back injury. The injured factory worked had injured his back lifting flour.

$91,000.00 for a left arm injury for a union steelworker who injured his arm lifting steel rods.

$70,000.00 for a non-operated back injury.

$125,000.00 for carpal tunnel syndrome. The Epstein Law Firm obtained a settlement for a non-union roofer who injured his hands installing roofing materials.

$40,000.00 for a thumb injury. The Epstein Law Firm obtained a settlement for an injured worker who caught her thumb in a machine.

$150,000.00 for carpal tunnel syndrome. The Epstein Law Firm obtained this settlement for a retired machine worker who had carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosed after retirement.

$80,000.00 for a driver who suffered a neck injury when he was struck by a driver who fled the scene of the accident.

$160,000.00 for a right arm injury where the Epstein Law Firm successfully argued that the union carpenter could not return to his job.

$175,000.00 for a non-union factory worker who suffered a back injury lifting laundry.

$100,000.00 for carpal tunnel syndrome.

$70,000.00 for a right arm injury.

$65,000.00 for a hand injury. The injury occurred when the worker accidentally stuck her hand into a moving machine.

$70,000.00 for a hand injury where a kitchen worker had removed a guard on a meat grinder and then injured himself when the machine malfunctioned. The worker was paid cash and was 15 years old at the time of the accident. The insurance company refused to give the injured worker benefits. The Epstein Law Firm obtained full benefits for the worker and forced the insurance company to pay for four years of college and weekly checks until graduation.

$60,000.00 for a non-operated back injury.

$100,000.00 for a non-operated back injury.


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