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Why is medical malpractice so hard to prove?

Why is medical malpractice so hard to prove?

Making a medical malpractice claim is not easy—you or a loved one has already suffered illness or injury, then suffered from a misdiagnosis, lack of treatment, or improper treatment. Then you have to realize that this negligence has happened, determine...

Frequent questions

What should I do when I am injured at work?
Illinois law requires the injured worker to report the injury to his employer. You should inform your supervisor or any other person in charge where the body was injured and how to deal with the accident. The Workers’ Compensation Act says that an employee has forty-five (45) days to deliver notes about the workplace accident, either orally or in writing. That said, the forty-five day period may not specifically extend from the facts of your accident.

The injured worker should also take photos and videos of the accident location (if possible) to document the injury. The worker should also seek medical attention immediately and inform medical professionals that injuries occur on the job. It is important for the injured worker to provide specific details about how and how the accident occurred and say what happened during the job.

Without green card, can you help me?
All people who work in the state of Illinois have the same rights under Illinois law, be it a workplace injury, car accident, slip and fall, construction accident, or other personal injury. You have the right to recover benefits or damages regardless of your immigration status. In fact, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that an employer cannot deny workers’ compensation benefits because of their undocumented status. Other cases extend protection to automobile accident lawsuits. You should never be afraid to speak to an attorney about your immigration status. The Epstein Law Firm specializes in working with undocumented immigrants and we invite you to contact our office and speak with us in private. We would never disclose your immigration status to any person or entity without your consent, and we always keep your personal information in strict privacy, whether you choose to hire our services or seek a different attorney.
We speak spanish

Many of our clients only speak Spanish. Each of our employees speaks, reads, and writes Spanish. Jack Epstein, our lead attorney also speaks Spanish. This is a great advantage since you can speak directly to your lawyer without the need for a translator.

The attorneys at the Epstein Law Firm are available to speak to you in Spanish or English. We have appointments in the afternoon or evening and the first consultation is free.

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