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Perdone Usted is a weekly Spanish language television legal news magazine. We take on the difficult legal issues of the day for residents in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Perdone Usted also answers legal questions from viewers. Your questions can be submitted for consideration on the Perdone Usted Facebook Page @PerdoneUstedTV or to Abogado@AbogadoChicago.com.

The show is aired three times weekly on Azteca TV Chicago, once on Saturday at 12:30 PM and again at 11:00 PM and it re-airs on Sunday at 11:00 AM. You can find Azteca Chicago over the air on channel 61 or on Direct TV channel 13, Comcast channels 393 and 598, Dish Network channel 61 and RCN channel 16.

Chicago Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

With more than 20 years of experience in the Chicago area, the knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyers at The Epstein Law Firm are qualified to handle your case, and are here to help you seek justice.

We take our clients seriously. Each case is important to us, and we take great pride in our results. With over 25 million dollars won for our clients, our favorite part of the job is providing our clients with the compensation they deserve. Founders Jack and Dena Epstein created The Epstein Law Firm in 1995 to represent the people they care about: the little people. We have no interest in helping giant corporations make more money, but choose instead to focus on the real people. As a practice that has helped well over 3,000 injured workers, The Epstein Law Firm concentrates on your rights, not the bottom line.

From the largest case to the smallest injury, receive the justice you deserve with The Epstein Law Firm.

From the largest case to the smallest injury, receive the justice you deserve with The Epstein Law Firm.

About The Epstein Law Firm

The Epstein Law Firm has won millions of dollars for its clients and is not afraid to work on the largest case or the smallest injury. Jack Epstein works for justice for all of his clients. Learn more about a few representative recent victories that Jack Epstein and his firm have obtained for clients. Taking on litigation for The Epstein Law Firm has won over 25 million dollars for clients and continues to award clients the claims they deserve.

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