Workers’ Compensation for Union Workers

You got injured at work. Does your union membership affect your workers’ compensation?

Your union will do what they can to help your claim. Unions have a long history of supporting health and safety regulations. It also benefits the union to prevent further safety negligence. Often a union representative, or steward, will help you through the process of being compensated for a work-related injury and will help you find medical care.

Does being in a union guarantee me a higher settlement?

Technically, no, but union workers generally have higher wages than non-union workers, so your settlement will likely be larger (it’s based on how much money you usually make). Also, with help from your union, it should be easier to get your settlement. And in cases where wage differential calculations are involved, you may receive more money since your future earnings could be higher.

The one concern you should have regarding your union is your union being overly aggressive. Having your union involved is important, but don’t let the union bully you into hiring a specific lawyer. It’s your case, and while the union is there to help you, it does not have the right to micro-manage your specific injury. Don’t ignore union recommendations, but you should find the right lawyer for your case. If you’re looking for the help of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer who will work hand in hand with your union, look no further than Epstein Law.


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