Machinery Accidents

While there are safety precautions, and operating procedures that exist for almost all types of heavy machinery, the fact is that industrial machines are still potentially dangerous. If you’re not adequately trained, aren’t given the proper equipment, and especially if machines aren’t well maintained, you’re not set up to perform your daily operations on heavy machinery safely. If you’re injured on the job by a heavy machine, at the fault of your employer or the machine manufacturer, you deserve compensation. The top three reasons for heavy machinery accidents are listed below:

Poor maintenance – Many machinery accidents occur because heavy equipment has been poorly maintained, or hasn’t been adequately serviced. In some situations, safety guards could have been removed, or fallen off, and were never replaced. Additionally, heavy machinery that isn’t kept up well is considered dangerous machinery. If you’ve been injured because a machine malfunctioned as a result of poor maintenance, you’re entitled to workers’ compensation.

Improper Training – Operating heavy machinery is no small task. No matter the machine, whether it’s an earth mover, or a large factory machine, it’s important that every employee operating it understands proper safety precautions, and standard operating procedure. In some situations, a shift might be short-handed, and an employee that hasn’t been properly trained may be asked to operate heavy machinery. This is a serious liability and danger for all parties. If you’re asked to operate a machine you don’t know how to use, you should say no. Even the smallest mistake can lead to a devastating injury or collision. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to say no to a direct superior, and many people end up running machinery that they don’t completely understand. This is a dangerous situation that often leads to injury.

Additionally, heavy and large machinery can make a lot of noise, hindering decent verbal communication. It’s equally important that all employees in the area understand and have gone through proper hand signal training, and remain alert and aware of their surroundings at all times. If you feel that your employer has not provided adequate training, you are at risk for injury. In the event that you are, or have been injured on the job due to improper training, you should receive workers’ compensation.

Lack of PPE – When operating heavy machinery, employees should be provided with the proper Personal Protective Equipment. Depending on the machine, this may be helmets, eye protection, gloves, or any other protective, fire-resistant, or padded gear. If you were injured on the job by a heavy machine, and you were not adequately provided with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment, you may be able to make a personal injury workers’ compensation claim.

Heavy machinery is dangerous, even when it’s properly maintained. Injuries like amputations, crushed limbs or internal organs, broken bones, and even eye injuries, are all common workplace compensation claims. Sometimes these injuries can occur even if the operator of the machine was doing everything right. These injuries are tragic, and can cost you wages, and potentially your ability to perform your job satisfactorily in the future.

If you were injured on the job by heavy machinery, whether you were operating it or not, you’re eligible for compensation. In some cases, you may be able to receive compensation from both your employer and the machine manufacturer, if a fault of the machine directly caused your injury. While compensation can’t do much to heal your injury, it can help you and your loved ones get through the tough period of recovery. Medical bills can really add up, and with adequate compensation, that’s at least one thing you won’t have to worry about. Compensation for a machine-caused injury can also cover your lost wages, partially or fully, depending on the injuries you sustained.

If you were injured on the job by a heavy machine, you deserve compensation. For experienced representation, call the Epstein Law Firm. With decades of experience in all aspects of workers compensation law, we’re Illinois’ first choice for heavy-machinery accident compensation. Give our office a call at 773-522-7000, or request an appointment for your free initial consultation online today!

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