Broken Limbs

Did you break a limb during an accident at work?

Broken arms and legs are very common, and a bone breaks or fractures can be severe and require lots of rest and downtime. Some serious fractures may even need surgery to fully heal. If you break a bone on the job in a fall, automobile accident, machinery malfunction, etc., you may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Here’s the good news: broken bones and fractures are the easiest workers’ compensation claims to prove because the break is clearly seen on an x-ray. It’s medical evidence that’s hard to argue against and speaks for itself, so getting the money you deserve should be much easier.

I’m out of work because I broke my leg/arm on the job. What am I entitled to?

First, you can expect doctor’s bills and other medical expenses to be paid. Second, you may also be entitled to weekly payments to make up for lost income. The amount of money you may receive depends on how bad the injury is: can you still work on light duty? Or are you unable to work at all until the fracture or broken bone heals?

Unlike a personal injury case, under workers’ compensation law, injuries at work will only cover fees incurred for medical costs and lost wages. Though you won’t get money for your pain and suffering, you can still expect to receive a weekly check in the mail to help out while you’re off duty.

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