Criminal and DUI Law

Criminal and DUI LawThe Epstein Law Firm will win your criminal, DUI or traffic-related case.

Don’t let criminal charges change your life. You could be in trouble if you do not have an experienced Chicago criminal defense attorney at your side. Chicago attorney Jack Epstein and his associates have defended criminal law cases in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs for over 22 years.

Chicago Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense in Chicago, you need to contact an aggressive criminal defense attorney early. Do not talk to police or prosecutors until you talk to Chicago attorney Jack Epstein.

Far too often, people are misinformed about the situation and do not fully understand their legal rights. As a result, they wait until it becomes overwhelming. An experienced Chicago lawyer can assess the parameters of the case quickly and respond appropriately. Sometimes recognizing a simple technical flaw can result in more manageable charges.

Jack Epstein has handled thousands of Illinois criminal charges, including assault, harassment, disorderly conduct, indecent liberties/exposure, sex crimes, drug possession, reckless and negligent driving, gun charges, hit and run, drunk driving, DUI and DWI, and driving on a suspended or revoked Illinois license.

Chicago, IL Drunk Driving Arrest

An expert DUI defense requires preparation, experience, and aggressive representation. You need the right kind of lawyer working for you. You need a good attorney, but you also need a lawyer who will listen to you and takes the time to understand your specific case. Jack Epstein will examine all of the evidence in your case, giving you the best chance to avoid jail time and a drunk driving conviction, while retaining your driver’s license.

For over 22 years, Jack Epstein has handled DUI cases in Illinois and has helped clients in Cook, DuPage, McHenry, Will, Kane and other Northern & Central Illinois counties. Jack Epstein’s knowledge of Illinois DUI, traffic laws, and issues pertaining to Illinois driver’s license suspensions and revocations can be an invaluable resource for achieving your most successful outcome.

Are you receiving the best representation?

Jack Epstein and the Epstein Law Firm would be happy to provide you with a free evaluation or second opinion regarding criminal charges or DUI arrest. If you have any questions about your case that are not being answered by your attorney, you are entitled to a second opinion.

To set up either an office or jail visit, contact Jack Epstein by calling 773-522-7000.

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