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10 Steps to take After a Slip and Fall Injury

Slip and fall injuries can be frustrating. They’re one of the most difficult cases to prove, and they often cause a lot of pain and suffering. While you deserve recompense for your medical bills, as well as the time you’ve spent laid up, it can be hard to obtain that without sticking to specific protocol. […]

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Gavel and Law Books

How to Prepare for your Workers Compensation Hearing

If your workers’ compensation claim has gone all the way to a hearing, you may be concerned about what to do next. For many individuals, a workers’ compensation hearing is their first time in a courtroom, and it’s a process that can certainly be daunting. While your workers’ compensation attorney should give you a little […]

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Illinois Factory

Illinois Factory Workers and Workers Compesation

Factory workers power our economy, but sometimes the industry can damage those who keep it running. Factories produce the products and tools we use every day, but how often do we think about these employees? Factory conditions can be very dangerous, with risks such as burns, back injuries, spinal injuries, and (most commonly) repetitive motion […]

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Chicago Illinois Concrete Worker

7 Times You Need a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Chicago

If you’ve been injured on the job, it can be difficult to determine what steps to take, who to contact, and when it’s serious enough to contact an attorney. We understand that if at all possible, you’d like to save your money instead of spending it on a workers’ compensation lawyer. However, if you’re being […]

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