Police Arrest

Police Are Forcing Me to Talk—What Can I Do?

The intimidation and pressure of facing down a police officer can make you feel forced to tell your story when accused of a crime. The police are doing their job, but you have rights, and everything you say to the police can be used in court. Many times, the only evidence available at trial will […]

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Soccer Field

The “Crumb Rubber” Controversy

In the last few years, the controversy regarding the potentially hazardous material known as “crumb rubber” has become increasingly heated. Crumb rubber is most commonly used as the base material for turf fields, which serve as a popular alternative to traditional grass due to its low-maintenance costs and durability. However, research is becoming increasingly mixed […]

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Scales of Justice

Surprising Supreme Court “Accompany” Decision

We had a crazy decision come down from the United States Supreme Court today. In the case of Whitfield v. United States the Supreme Court heard arguments about the definition of the word “accompany.” The Court decided that the word “accompany” in 18 U.S.C. §2113, which creates increased penalties for actions taken during the commission […]

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Parking Garage Direction Arrow

Get a Good Lawyer Right Away After a Work Injury

A Closer Look at Gilbert Cataldo v. Cook County Budget Department On March 8, 2013, just two days after a nor’easter had dumped 10 inches of snow on Chicago, Gilbert Cataldo was injured on his way into work. Mr. Cataldo had worked for the Budget Department of Cook County Budget Depart since 1992 and for […]

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Using Calculator with Injured Wrist

Can I Be Fired for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

You shouldn’t get fired for filing a worker’s compensation claim. In fact, it’s “illegal for an employer to harass, discharge, refuse to rehire, or discriminate in any way against an employee for exercising his or her rights under the law to file a claim,” (Workers’ Compensation Handbook for 2013, Section 2, Paragraph 10, p. 7). […]

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La muestra del trabajo de imagen

Steps in the Workers’ Compensation Process

You’ve been injured at work and someone told you that you should be entitled to workers’ comp benefits. What are the steps to this process, and will it take a long time to start getting benefits? Much of that depends on your employer, your knowledge of the process, and whether you hire a good attorney. […]

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Mano que sostiene una llave del coche

Suspended Driver’s License: How to Fix It

You just opened your mailbox to find a written notice from the Secretary of State: they’re requiring you to surrender your license. What caused this? How will you get to work with this kind of penalty? Here are the common reasons why the Illinois Secretary of State can suspend or revoke your driver’s license: Unpaid […]

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Asiento del conductor

Understanding the Temporary Visitor Driver’s License

What Does the TVDL Mean for Undocumented Immigrants in Illinois? In Illinois, every resident must have a license or photo ID. In the past, if you didn’t have a social security number, you couldn’t get a driver’s license. Then, starting in 2005, documented immigrants with Visas could get a temporary license. Now there is a […]

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What Are the Miranda Rights?

You’ve just been arrested for disorderly conduct and you’re being led to the police car in handcuffs. The officer starts informing you of your Miranda rights. Just what are those rights and who was Miranda? Your Miranda rights are based on a 1966 U.S. Supreme Court Ruling (Miranda v. Arizona). The ruling established a legal […]

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Arrestado foto

You Have the Right to Remain Silent

In most TV cop dramas, the crime is solved when police finally get the suspect to talk—before a lawyer is called in. So you might think that if you’re arrested you have to give the police everything they ask for. But here are the facts, and your rights. What to do if you’re arrested on […]

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